Using the power of steel to harness the wind

Worthington Energy Group is joining with Spain-based Gestamp Renewable Industries to form Gestamp Worthington Wind Steel, LLC. The joint venture will manufacture utility-scale tower segments for wind turbines. Renewable energy companies use the tower segments to construct wind tower turbines.

Wind power is one of the most promising new energy sources that can serve as an alternative to fossil fuel-generated electricity. "The 3 billion kWh of electricity produced by America's wind machines annually displace the energy equivalent of 6.4 million barrels of oil and avoid 1.67 million tons of carbon emissions, as well as sulfur and nitrogen oxide emissions that cause smog and acid rain." In other words, "more wind power means less smog, acid rain, and greenhouse gas emissions."

Worthington will bring its vast experience in North American manufacturing, purchasing and human resources to this project. Gestamp Wind Steel, with global supply relationships to key players in the wind turbine markets, will bring the operational experience. Set on 30 acres in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the production plant site was chosen strategically, to connect to the growing clean energy market in Western United States.

Gestamp Worthington Wind Steel will roll form and weld plate steel to form tower cans that range from nine to 14 foot in diameter. The tower cans are welded together to make 80 to 100 foot long tower segments. Three tower segments are used to build one wind turbine tower. The joint venture anticipates beginning shipments of the 80-100 foot long tower segments for wind turbines in the first quarter of calendar year 2012. The proposed facility will produce utility-scale towers for 2.0 to 3.0 MW wind turbines. Initial plans call for production of over 300 towers per year.

AWEA 2011 - Worthington Industries and Gestamp Wind Steel

Hear what Ralph Roberts, President, Worthington Industries and Jose Luis Garcia-Alegres, COO, Gestamp Wind Steel, had to say about alternative energy during AWEA's Windpower 2011 show, held in Anaheim, CA, in May 2011.